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Eske med Nesashi Miso

Nesashi Miso lagret i 3 år 150g

kr 259,00Pris

Nesashi Miso lagret i 3 år 150g.


On a stretch of fertile land, where several tributaries flow into Tokushima prefecture’s broad Yoshino River, sits Miura Fermented Foods. In the miso-making business since 1849, Miura has long been known for its nesashi miso, a variety produced in just a few parts of Tokushima. Made only with soybeans, nesashi miso has a strong, unique flavor that some find unusual but that adds richness to many dishes.


Fifth generation owner Seiji Miura describes nesashi miso as “similar in character to blue cheese. Just a tiny dab adds surprising depth to a dish’s flavor, and it has sparked interest among chocolatiers and chefs who specialize in French or Italian cuisine.”


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